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Kim Kardashian's Nude Photos Leak | Thecelebritycafe.com

She, along with many other celebrities, has had her phone hacked and pictures revealed. Image via Instagram from Kim Kardashian You would think that Kim Kardashian would be used to the attention that comes with a scandal, having had her sex tape leaked many years ago. However, the negative publicity of a nude photo is not fitting for her new family. According to New York Daily News , the pictures of the risque reality star were posted on Saturday to the social media websites, 4chan and Reddit. However, once shared, the pornographic pictures were quickly taken down. People explains that the speedy removal was due to a new policy for copyright infringement, which was created as an effect of the past leaks. It seems that the leaking of ones nude photos has become a trending topic, proven by the scandal over Labor Day weekend.

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